“Safer Space” 
Transition International Queer & Minorities Film Festival x Ciwan Veysel

“Corncerning trans murders, Turkey is ranked 1st in Europe and ranked 9th worldwide. Trans people and lgbtiqa+ individuals are not under any law protection in the state constitution in Turkey. Trans and lgbtiqa+ individuals are subjects of hate crimes, violence, psychological oppression, unemployment, mobbing at work. Homophobia and transphobia in public are left unpunished by the state. In addition, lgbtiqa+ individuals are struggling under community and state violence to create their own safer spaces, but society pressure and state law are trying to destroy the ‘safer spaces’ that lgbtiqa+ individuals are trying to build, alongside while facing various hate crimes. The goal of this exhibition is to create a remote network of solidarity with especially trans and lgbtiqa+ individuals in turkey here in Vienna in memory of the ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’, and also use art as a tool of making those struggles visible and to use art as a defense mechanism against such discrimination.’’

Curated by Ciwan Veysel


Cansu Yıldıran
Damla Şahinbaş
Ömer Tevfik Erten
Ciwan Veysel

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